Servicing and Repairs for your Water Softener

At Phoenix Water we provide our customers with comprehensive support services, which includes servicing and repairs. We are able to service most residential and commercial softeners and are completely independent of any manufacturers.

All of our engineers are highly trained individuals who have the skill and expertise to repair and service equipment from nearly all manufacturer’s. If we do not have the part for your system in stock, then we are often able to obtain it for you within a few days.

If you have an old system and we need to obtain a part for it, we may be able to use a part from another manufacturers system which could be compatible with yours. By regularly servicing your water softener system, it means you will get the best possible use from it. We also offer an emergency service if you have a leak in your system, we can either repair or isolate the leak ensuring that your system is made safe. Brands that we repair or service include:-

Aqua-dial, Calmag, Crown, Culligan, Ecowater, Ewatec, Homewater, Houseman, Fountain, Kinetico, Liff, Mini-Max, Monarch, Pennant, Permutit, Salamander, Tapworks, Twin Tec.

The list above is by no means exhaustive of the brands we can service, if your water softener system is not listed above, give us a call and let us know the system you have, we are sure we will be able to help you.

Our services include:-

Repair and service of water softeners

• Supply and installation to commercial and domestic customers

• Custom water softeners designed to accommodate any size of business or home

• Supply of salt

At Phoenix Water we pride ourselves on recommendations from existing clients, combine this with our extensive knowledge and expertise and you have a company who value how important the customer is. Take a look at our website for further information on the benefits of a Water Softener system or a Filtered Water system at a price that is highly competitive.

Servicing and Repairs to your Water Softener

A Water Softener is a very reliable domestic appliance, but like any appliance it should be serviced regularly to keep it working at its most efficient.

How often should you have your Water Softener serviced?

Most manufacturers advice varies, but many suggest regular annual servicing. As your water softener ages it may be that parts wear out and repairs will be required. We service water softeners of all makes and age. You do not have to be an existing customer to benefit from our service and maintenance expertise.

The areas that we cover

We cover the whole of Essex, North Kent, East London and South East Hertfordshire. If you do not live in the above areas we may still be able to help you. Please ask for details. We can supply spare parts by post, or alternatively you could send/deliver your water softener to our workshop for repairs or re-conditioning.

We service all makes of Water Softeners

We specialise in the repair and service of most residential and commercial water softeners. We service the following water softeners plus many more; Permutit, Ecowater, Tapworks, Aqua-dial, Waterside, Kinetico, Culligan, Fountain, Houseman, Pennant, Liff, Salamander, Crown, Monarch, Twin Tec, Mini-Max, Homewater, Calmag and Water Boss. We are authorised service agents for Harveys, Culligan Waterside, Ecowater systems, Water Boss, Monarch Water and Eau so Soft to name but a few.

Spares for your Water Sofener

Although we do carry a large stock of new spare parts for water softeners (including some models that are now obsolete) some new parts may not be available, but we may be able to offer a suitable alternative. We may even have a used part to keep an older water softener working. If we are unable to supply any spare parts we could upgrade the control valve or change the whole system. We stock a wide range of water softeners both new and re-conditioned.

Why choose Phoenix Water Services Ltd?

We are a family firm having been established for some 30 years and not only offer a personal service and advice, but value for money. Our work is guaranteed for a year, and with our service contract options you will know exactly what our labour charges will be in advance.

Are we reliable?

Yes. However, occasionally we may be affected by circumstances that we have no control over. However, we will keep you fully informed. Occasionally we may need to re-schedule your appointment for another day, however, as we know how frustrating this can be we will try to avoid this.

Our costs

For servicing and repairs our visit and first hour’s labour charge will be £72.00 inc VAT. If you require any parts the costs of these will be dependent on the make, model and age of your machine. We will let you know the cost of any parts required.

How to book a Service Call

Call us FREE on 0800 783 8723 to book a service call. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, alternatively email us at or fax us on 01375 673901

You will be given an appointment at the first available opportunity that is convenient for you. We aim to attend within 5 working days of your call.

It would be helpful if you could let us know the make of your water softener and the problem(s) that you are having. This will help us to be suitably equipped when we visit your home to deal with the specific problem.