Why Filtered Water

In most areas of the UK, the odour and taste of chlorine in your water can often be quite evident. We should all be concerned what these additives and contaminants are doing to our health, one way of eliminating this is to consider having a filtered drinking water system installed in your home or business premises. By using a water filter you can reduce the contaminants by 99.8%!

Filtered water systems can be connected into your existing water supply, a separate tap gives you the water that has gone through the filter system. Most filters only need replacing once a year and most systems are now quite compact and give you a range of taps to choose from. At Phoenix Water we install Eau So Pure Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Systems, a highly recommended and reliable system that gives you perfect healthy filtered water every time. We also install In Line and Heavy Metal water filter systems. We can advise you on the different types we can supply or you can take a look at the descriptions on our website.

At Phoenix Water we are able to supply and fit our recommend filtered water systems, with very little mess and fuss involved. Once fitted you will wonder why you have never had one before. Give us a call to discuss your requirements further or browse our website and take a look at the different water systems we are able to install.

EAU So Soft Block Salt Softener

EAU So Soft Electronic Range

EAU So Pure Filter Range