Why Softened Water and the Benefits of Having a Water Softener

At Phoenix Water we are specialists in supplying and installing water softeners both on a commercial and industrial basis, we have many years experience in this field and offer a full service plan with your equipment.

There are so many benefits of having a water softener, we have listed below a number of benefits, and some will surprise you!

• Softened water can improve the overall efficiency of your heating and hot water systems, did you know that even a scale build up of just 1.6mm will result in a 12% reduction in heating efficiency.

• Overall, softened water can save you money in the servicing, maintenance and replacement of boilers, heaters and showers etc.

• Softened water has many health qualities, one of them is that it helps with skin conditions such as eczema.

• By having softened water it can save approximately 50% in the consumption of your washing powder, this also applies to your use of shampoos and cleaning products.

• Over time, by using softened water it can completely remove any existing hard scale deposits in your heating and hot water systems. This also applies to the build up of scale around sinks and taps.

• Softened water makes your bath time more luxurious, the water has a silky feeling without having to use bubble bath. It also makes your hair easier to manage as it leaves it feeling soft.

• By using softened water it makes your dishes and glassware shine and sparkle and your laundry much brighter.

• Softened water can extend the life of your washing machine and dishwasher by not having such a build up of scale in your machines, therefore resulting in you saving money.

There are many types of Water Softeners on the market, these range from Electric Metered, Non-Electric, Electric Time Clock and Advanced Metered Systems, we would be able to recommend a system that suits your requirements. Alternatively take a look at our FAQs where we have explained the differences.


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